Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Hour Somewhere!

Last year I was the lucky winner of a crazy huge lot of stamps on EBAY for a very good price. They were all from Unity {Unity Rubber Stamp Co.} and I really like that company, along with MANY others… he he he. But as we all know, with the best intentions we get craft stuff and then LIFE happens and it gets pushed to the side….only for us to get new stuff and hoard the other until the day we say, "OH! I forgot I had that." Well, in this case, Life happened but I didn't forget that I had this pile of rubber that I wanted to play with (though some further purchasing did happen). So I set out on a challenge of my own. The stamps filled a few binders and I decided that I had to use three stamp sets from each binder and I would feel good about my purchase.  

Here is the first card of my personal challenge:

{You can never have enough Birthday cards on hand!}

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